A group of environmental management companies who work on drilling installations around the world

Let’s talk business…

Having previously acquired several businesses and operated them successfully, our client’s group of companies needed to expand their proposition and global customer base, and boost the management skills of some excellent technical professionals.


We used culture diagnostics and focus groups with both staff and customers to establish what was going right with our client’s businesses – and what wasn’t. Knowing the areas of culture to focus on was one thing, but the management team also needed to:

  • Know how to maximise the effective elements of their culture
  • Properly deal with the areas of culture that were holding their organisational growth back.

To help identify existing skills and any competence gaps, we undertook an organisational capability assessment.  This gave us the opportunity to fully scope a plan not only to build a performance-orientated culture in the organisation, but also to develop the managerial and leadership competencies across the senior team.

In essence, we already knew the management team had extensive technological expertise and industry know-how, but we had to ensure that as well as being technically skilled professionals they were also effective, client-facing managers with strong commercial awareness operating in a performance-orientated culture.



We ran a series of strategy sessions with key stakeholders to redefine the future vision and aspirations of the company. Together we then developed and supported the senior team to implement a customer-focused business proposition.

Using the culture evaluation from both customers and staff, we outlined the culture development needed to deliver this proposition and devised a supporting three-year business plan, all the time working in collaboration with the senior team to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

We then used our insight and experience to identify the most effective way to align our client’s organisational structure with their business strategy. This allowed them to capitalise on, and build, capability across the entire organisation.

To support the change, we put in place a psychometric-based recruitment and development process, delivered leadership and management development programmes and provided coaching and mentoring to the senior team to help embed the new knowledge and skills needed to drive the performance improvements demanded by shareholders.


We’re proud to say pitchblue’s work means our client has:

  • A new, robust business proposition.
  • A streamlined, fit-for-purpose organisational design.
  • Enjoyed a significant improvement in profit in just nine months.
  • Acquired two new global customers driving long-term sustainability.
  • The ability to negotiate more profitable contracts in a highly competitive global environment.
  • A senior team with the ability to work as a cohesive and functional team.
  • A clear improvement in sales conversions, client satisfaction and client retention.
A group of environmental management companies who work on drilling installations around the world



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