Culture and Performance

posted on February 8th 2016 in Business performance & Culture with 0 Comments

Culture is often described and the ‘attitude and beliefs of the workforce’.  It’s also described as ‘what happened when no one is watching’.   If you prefer an equation, how about

Competency + motivation = performance.

Whatever way culture is described the culture of an organisation is one of the biggest factors affecting its success.  It’s also one of the most misunderstood factors that most companies struggle to measure, define and systematically build.

66%of leaders hitting their short-term goals are not building a foundation for the future.

Throughout the last 15 years, pitchblue has been researching the different elements of culture that impact performance.  Our BQi culture survey gives companies a structured assessment of their disposition towards the 9 key characteristics of culture that have been proven to drive organisational performance. Looking at both current and required culture, the BQi enables companies to navigate the complexities of their culture and improve overall business performance. The 9 characteristics are:

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Strategic direction and goals
  • Leadership
  • Customer and competitor focus
  • Talent development
  • Knowledge and decision making
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Consistency and predictability
  • Change and continuous improvement



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