Reuven Bar-On EQi 2.0

Emotional intelligence is an important factor in determining people’s ability to succeed in life; it directly influences their general psychological well-being and has been proven to influence an individual’s ability to be successful in work.

Simply put, emotional intelligence gives a snapshot of someone’s well-being at the time they complete the assessment.  One of the great aspects of emotional intelligence is that, unlike personality traits that are fairly steady over time, humans are able to develop their emotional intelligence, so the report can be seen as a window into one’s self and an excellent opportunity to use a structured approach to career development.

The evolution of the EQi began in 1980 and was developed over 14 or so years.  Previous attempts by psychologists to define intelligence was dominated by IQ, the measurement of which attempts to tap into cognitive capacity and functioning. Now the concept of intelligence has been developed to include emotional intelligence and the EQi is the tool we currently use to assess EQ or emotional intelligence.  The EQi can be said to reflect a person’s overall ‘common sense’.  In the corporate world, the EQi is often used in recruitment, screening, employee development and leadership programs.



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