OPQ 32

The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) is the most widely used measure of behavioral style in the world. The OPQ is designed to provide businesses with information on the aspects of an individual’s behavioral style that will impact on their performance at work. The OPQ32 is the latest and most comprehensive version of the OPQ. It provides detailed information on 32 specific personality characteristics which underpin performance on key job competencies critical for graduates, managers and experienced hires. The OPQ32 helps thousands of organisations to deliver the following results:

  • Identify best-fit applicants against job competencies
  • Improve interview hit rates
  • Identify future leaders
  • Re-deploy talent across the business
  • Recommend senior managers for cross border engagements
  • Evaluate the talent pool following a merger/acquisition/restructure
  • Create a project team
  • Manage the transformation of a technical specialist to an effective people



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